The Affordable and Flexible
Way to Rent 

Why Skor

Your Key to More Affordable Living

The upfront financial obligations of renting a home can be challenging. Our products make it easier and more affordable to rent your home.  

How it works

1. Create your Profile

Provide your personal Information and get your Skor account.

2. Get Verified

Verify your identity and connect your Bank Account to be able get your financial Skor.

3. Share your Skor

Apply for your property and share your profile with the Property Manager to prove financial reliability.

Enjoy Living 
without Deposit

Bank Level Security & Privacy 

Skor employs advanced bank-level security and encryption to ensure the accuracy and safety of tenant data, maintaining strict privacy for our tenants. 


Skor Deposit

Skor simplifies renting by reducing security deposits with minimal moving in costs.

Skor Protect

Skor provides protection against property damage ensuring the safety of your valuables. 

Flexible Rent Payment

Fully digital and flexible rental payments.

Got questions? We've got answers.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring you make the most out of Skor.

Skor provides a standard financial rating for tenants based on their verified personal and financial information. When tenants create a Skor profile with their details, we use advanced algorithms to assess their financial health and give them a Skor from 0-1000. This Skor reflects their financial reliability, making them more appealing to Landlords and improving their chances of getting a rental.

Getting Skor'd offers a quick and effortless way to prove your financial reliability to Landlords and differentiate yourself from other tenants. The one-time setup simplifies your rental process,.

Once you create a Skor profile with your details, we use advanced algorithms to assess your income and spending habits among other other financial details and generate a score from 0-1000. You can share this score with Landlords to show your financial credibility making you stand out as a tenant.

For digital verification, you should have either a valid European ID or, if you don't have one, your original passport from your home country.

For bank account verification, all you need is digital access to your bank account to connect with Tink. Tink is a 3rd party service that is powered by Visa, and enables you to securely share your financial data with Skor.

Nada, getting a Skor is completely free for tenants.

At Skor, we protect your personal and financial information by following GDPR rules and using strong bank-level encryption. We always keep your data safe and private, and we never sell or share it without your permission.

Yes, a tenant can add a guarantor electronically and once they accept, they will be linked to your profile and be visible.

Yes, once the tenant adds the guarantor, he/she will receive an email invite with instructions to get skor’d on the platform.

No, a single tenant can only have one guarantor on the platform.

You can share your Skor profile with anyone and they can create an account and get access to your profile.

Skor takes into account a variety of factors from your income amount to average balance in account to sufficient transactions to consider it as a representative account. You can connect alternate accounts where the Skor would reflect your financial situation better. We are in the process of improving to make it wholesome and should be able to connect multiple accounts soon.

The Skor is not an insurance product. It is a financial rating of a tenant based on their personal and financial information.

Skor is not an insurance product. You are still accountable for any charges. To help you stay covered during the entire lease term we are coming up with Skor Protect, a modern renters insurance. Very Soon.