A Smarter Way to Reliable Renting 

Skor uses advanced technology to verify tenant IDs and their financial trustworthiness, building trust between Landlords and tenants. 

Why Skor

Reduce Risk with Trustworthy Tenants 

At Skor, renters validate their identity and bank details in real-time, ensuring they have verified income and can manage their expenses. This transparent process builds trust between Landlords and tenants. 

How it works

1. Create and Share your profile

Get your Skor account and share your profile with tenant to view their Skor.

2. Chose your tenant

Compare tenant's Skor's and select your ideal tenant.

3. Wrap Up the Deal

Share the details with the tenant to set up automated payments and ensure your money on time.

Reliable Tenants And Timely Payments

Our Products

Designed to Increase Financial Security  

At Skor, we’re creating innovative financial products that protect Landlords while also meeting the needs of tenants. This approach creates a win-win for both the parties. 

Bank Level Security & Privacy 

Skor employs advanced bank-level security and encryption to ensure the accuracy and safety of tenant data, maintaining strict privacy for our tenants. 

Got questions? We've got answers.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring you make the most out of Skor.

Skor provides a standard financial rating for tenants based on their verified personal and financial information. When tenants create a Skor profile with their details, we use advanced algorithms to assess their financial health and give them a Skor from 0-1000. This Skor reflects their financial reliability, making them more appealing to Landlords and improving their chances of getting a rental.

Deposit-free properties are quicker to lease, easier to manage, and more attractive to tenants. You will save time on administrative tasks, and tenants will appreciate keeping the cash to invest, save, travel, or spend as they please

You can come and register directly on Skor platform OR Please reach out to info@skortorent.com to organize a demo and learn more.

The tenants can choose which Landlords to share their profile electronically by sharing the link or QR code, Landlords just need to join Skor, and the profile will be electronically visible to you instantly.

No, Skor is a data and credit backed deposit alternative that protects Landlords.

Skor is currently at no cost to Landlords.

At Skor, we protect your personal and financial information by following GDPR rules and using strong bank-level encryption. We always keep your data safe and private, and we never sell or share it without your permission.

Skor comes with no strings attached, if you or tenant want to proceed with a traditional deposit, we still provide you verified data and can help processing the funds to your account

The tenant, for the duration of the lease. Skor charges a non-refundable fee called Skor Deposit on a monthly basis. This fee varies based on security requirements.