What is Skor?

Skor uses sophisticated financial algorithms to analyse income and expense patterns, cash flow consistency, debt, defaults, non-payments, and balance ratios.


Your Skor

Create an account in minutes and receive your Skor from 0-1000 to show your credibility as a renter.

What you get

  • Quick Setup

    Within 2 mins, tenants can create a profile and share it with confidence to landlords.

  • Financial Credibility

    Skor reflects a tenants financial health, giving landlords comfort while tenants save money on expensive deposits.

  • Trusted Relationships

    Transparent information exchange that builds confidence between Tenants & Landlords further protected by secured rental payments.

Reliable Financial Information to access a new home

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Reduce your move-in costs with lower deposits, hassle-free payments and insurance protection.

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Access verified and financially reliable Tenants with automated rental payments.

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